05/06/14 | 21:30

Wacław Zimpel Quartet – concert

Wacław Zimpel received a classical training as clarinetist. His main inspirations include sacred and ritual music from various cultures. In his compositions he often makes references to composers from the past to create specific contemporary polemics with or commentaries to traditional music. He is the bandleader of polish group Hera, international quintet Undivided featuring Bobby Few and Perry Robinson, Polish-German Wacław Zimpel Quartet, group Saagara with South Indian percussionists and ToTu Orchestra – 9 piece band consists of musicians from Warsaw. Additionally, he is a member of Resonance – Ken Vandermark’s project.

He also works with Klaus Kugel, Hamid Drake, Steve Swell, Christian Ramond, Dave Rempis, Joe PcPhee, Mark Tokar, Michael Zerang, Maallem Mokhtar Gania, Giridhar Udupa and Mikołaj Trzaska. Wacław Zimpel was pronounced Musician of the Year 2010 in Stef Gijssel’s blog freejazzblog.org and Musician of the Year 2013 in jazzarium.pl. He is also the youngest winner of the City of Poznań Artistic Award.

“Zimpel’s name goes straight into the list of European jazzmen that gave new life to clarinet and bass clarinet, continuing Dolphy’s example: Surman, Sclavis, Trovesi, and the like”.
- Francesco Martinelli, pointofdeparture.org

“Polish composer/clarinetist Wacław Zimpel is one of the most promising musicians from the European continent”.
- Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz

6. Dzielnica, Piotrkowska Street, 102

Wacław Zimpel Quartet