Regulations for Freedom Games 2014 Participants

I. General Provisions

1. The following provisions apply to participants in Freedom Games 2014.
2. Freedom Games 2014 are organised by Fundacja Industrial, ul. Zaolziańska 63/25, 93-539 Łódź, Poland, NIP: 7292626565, KRS: 0000284368, hereinafter referred to as the “Organiser”.
3. Freedom Games 2014 are held in Łódź on June 4-8, 2014.

II. Principles of Application

1. Participation in Freedom Games 2014 is free.
2. In order to apply, prospective participants shall enter or website and complete application form available in the “Application” section.
3. Submission of a participant application according to the IInd point is not equivalent with the acceptance of participation. The Organiser reserves a right to refuse acceptance of any participant application without stating reasons. No entitlement to registration may therefore be assumed.
4. After completing the application form on one of the aforementioned websites, prospective participant shall receive an e-mail with a request to confirm a declared e-mail address. After issuing confirmation, prospective participant shall receive information from a representative of the Organiser about acceptance into participation in Freedom Games 2014.

III. Principles of Participation

1. Participants are obliged to be well-mannered and behave appropriately during the event. Participants agree not to act in a way that may disturb conducting meetings, debates, concerts and other events during Freedom Games 2014. The Organiser reserves a right to withdraw from Freedom Games 2014 participants who in the opinion of the Organiser violate harmonious conduct of the event and may disturb other participants or put safety of the event in danger.
2. The Organiser does not provide travel and accommodation for participants.
3. Participants agree to be bound by the publicity release according to which they may be photographed and/or videotaped by a representative or agent of the Organiser while participating in Freedom Games 2014 for the needs of the Organiser and /or partners of the event.
4. Bringing and using laser pointers, alcohol (with the except of alcoholic drinks purchased in the designated points of sale located in the place of the event) and all illegal substances is forbidden.
5. Participation is granted individually and cannot be transferred to another participant without prior agreement of the Organiser.

IV. Rights and Obligations of the Organiser

1. The Organiser reserves a right to organise special events during Freedom Games 2014 with individual invitations required.
2. The program of the event may be changed. The Organiser reserves a right to change or cancel some elements of the program.
3. The Organiser reserves a right to cancel the event without notice due to circumstances beyond the control of the Organiser.
4. The Organiser reserves a right to refuse admission to the event area to participants due to the possession of a gun, having shoes with metal toe cap or other sort of potentially dangerous items.
5. The Organiser does not guarantee entry to all events during Freedom Games 2014 due to limited space of a given venue. It applies specifically to concerts held in the
6. Dzielnica club. In such a case participants shall be admitted to the place of an event on a first come first served basis.