08/06/14 | 21:30

Liber Alles – concert

A project initiated by Suavas Lewy, a musician from Łódź (Poland), improviser, sound activist and socio-cultural animator. The main theme of the project is an undetermined meeting with improvising musicians from Eastern European countries. Countries trapped in between of self-governance systems and the dream of full democracy. Countries endangered by the hegemony of monarchic Russia an its “veiled” ambition of unification and annexation of former Soviet republics.

Liber Alles shall be a sphere in which free, equal sounds will be exchanged. No moderation and governing will be needed and the music matter created by the musicians will depend solely on sensitivity, consciousness and listening to one another. The tone present in the improvisation created by musicians rooted in multicultural Slavic atmosphere will be definitely an extremely experimental aspect.

Sounds of the Universe, unite!

Mark Tokar (UKR) – contrabass
Leonid Naruszewicz (BLR) – guitar
Oleksandr Freze-Frezenko (UKR) – saxophone
Mikołaj Trzaska (PL)– saxophone, bass clarinet
Suavas Lewy (PL) – drums, bells, banjo, everyday items

6. Dzielnica, Piotrkowska Street, 102

Liber Alles